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Drinking White Tea Is The Best Way To Enjoy Maximum Benefits

Like black and green tea, silver needle white tea also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen, is a famous Chinese white tea. It is produced in Fujian province. It is made by the single bud plucked in early Spring. Young tender tea shoot of the plant are used to make white tea. White tea is full of nutrients as compared to green and black tea because it undergoes less processing than the other two tea varieties. White tea also has in store many health benefits. To enjoy those benefits, the person should regularly drink 2-3 cups of white tea.

The Benefits of White Tea

White tea is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which strengthen our immune system. From the studies, it has been confirmed that white tea has more anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect than any other type of tea. It counterbalances the negative effect of free radicals thus, preventing damage to our organs. It also increases antioxidants effect on the organs and plasma.

White tea is also known as an anti-aging agent. It is responsible for reducing free radicals in the human body which are responsible for the aging of the skin. It also holds a unique characteristic of repairing damaged cells and helps to reduce the aging effect by preventing wrinkles and loose skin. It also protects our skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Drinking silver needle white tea can also affect the health of your hair by reducing the hair loss and helping to increase the hair growth.

If you happen to drink white tea on a daily basis, it can increase your immunity power and help you fight against disease causing bacteria. It fights against the pathogens which are responsible for weakening the immune system. White tea has been shown to relieve the symptoms of people suffering from flu and colds. Because of the antibacterial property of white tea, it is widely used in hand wash as a major ingredient.

White tea also has an anti-cancer effect. The presence of ECGC, a well known compound for its cancer-fighting properties, in white tea protects against the damage of skin cells. It also stops the formation of new cells in lung cancer patients. Higher concentration of catechins in white tea makes it all the more responsible for cancer prevention and treatment.

Silver needle white tea is also beneficial for the people suffering from heart disease and diabetes. Drinking white tea lowers the level of cholesterol and enhances the health of blood vessels thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. It prevents excessive thirst and lowers plasma glucose levels while increasing the insulin secretion level in the diabetic patient.

Other common benefits of drinking white tea are: It helps in weight loss by burning the fat cells and stopping the process responsible for the formation of new fat cells in human body. The presence of caffeine in white tea makes it helpful in improving memory loss, thus keeping the humans mentally alert. Another benefit is that tannins present in white tea kill the plague bacteria and slow down the formation of plaque in our teeth thus, preventing the risk of tooth decay.

To enjoy the best silver needle white tea, it is recommended to pair it with mild dishes, steamed poultry, tofu or milky desserts.

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