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Keemun Hong Xiang Luo

Keemun Hong Xiang  Luo is a new type of Keemun Black Tea, created in 1997 by Anhui Tea Research Institute. The creation changed the traditional cute straight tea body of Keemun Black Tea into the curly snail type of tea body, inspired by the Song Luo green tea,  from the county Xiu Ning close to Keemun County.

The tea adopt the fresh leaf material of Qihong Zhuyezhong plucked in the timing between Qing Ming and Gu Yu, follows the outline processing, withering-rolling-fermentation-charcoal baking.

Once upon creation, this tea has been popular in the market, and got awarded in the tea competitions. 

It is famous for its curly snail type,bright jade color,  flowery sweet flavor, and brisk sweet aftertaste. 

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Keemun Hong Xiang Luo 2

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Keemun Hong Xiang Luo 4

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