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A White Peony of 磻溪


This is a white Peony (Bai Mu Dan) produced in the high mountain of Panxi 磻溪 in Fuding. It is made in the beginning of April 2018 by the standrad one bud one leaf. The processing of it was all sun-withered and baked dry by charcoal heat in the last step. 

The tea has bright green and white color and the hairs are rich and frying, which is an indication of very good processing and material texture. The tea has very flowery aroma.

2018 磻溪 White Peony

The liquor of the brewing is bright green and clear. 

2018 磻溪 White Peony

The flavor is charming flowery and the taste is mild mellow. After drinking the tea, can feel very refresh in mind. It helps a lot in motivating the body in the morning and after eating a heavy meal. As we know the rich EGCG, antixodants and minerals supplied by the white tea is very good to human health!

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