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Silver Needle White Tea – The Most Popular White Tea

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea is the purest and highly prized among all the available tea types. Likewise all Chinese teas – green, oolong, and black teas, this tea is also derived from the same plant – Camellia Sinensis. Typically produced in the Fujian province in China, jasmine white tea is the least produced of all tea types. It is known for its delicate flavour and health benefits.

Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

What is jasmine silver needle white tea?

Harvested once a year, jasmine tea is made by a single bud tea and scented with jasmine flowers, five times at the end of Summer. Summer is the season of jasmine flowers. Also named as Mo Li Yin Zhen, it is one of the highest quality Chinese teas. The amalgamation of jasmine flowers in the tea produces charming flavor and makes the tea so appealing to drink.

How does jasmine silver tea differ from green tea?

The biggest difference between white tea and green tea is the processing. To prevent oxidation, after picking the green tea is either steamed or fired. On the other hand, the young leaves and buds of white tea are simply left to dry naturally. White teas are harvested in the starting of the year, therefore they tend to be sweeter and more delicate in flavor than green teas. Jasmine tea has high nutritional values and is typically prepared without using milk.

What about the caffeine content in white tea?

In its dry leaf form, white tea is considered to contain the most caffeine of all the tea types. But this most important factor in caffeine content is down due to the brewing of the tea. The hotter the water and longer the tea leaves are brewed, more and more caffeine is released. That is why it is said that a cup of black tea has high amount of caffeine than a cup of white tea. Never brew it in cold water for less time, you will sip in more caffeine.

What are the benefits of drinking silver needle white tea?

Prior including jasmine silver needle white tea in your daily routine, you should be aware of the health benefits of jasmine white tea. Just like green tea, white tea has many qualities that improve overall health.

  • Keeps you fit and healthy – Due to the minimal processing, white tea is considered to be the powerhouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants provide protection to the body from free radicals, combat disease and keep you and your immune system healthy.
  • Prevents Anti-Aging – White teas have proved to reverse skin damage caused by stress, diet and sun. It also helps the skin to rebuild resistance to stress. It can protect your teeth and eliminate bad mouth odour. The jasmine fragrance can refresh the mind and relax nerves. 

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