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What do you expect from Spring tea

The new year crop tea is coming up soon. The tea lovers and tea businessmen are exciting, and maybe a bit anxious. Do not want to miss any good tea! 

Some customers are hurrying, the Spring is coming. It is becoming warm. Why your Spring teas still not yet available? In this case, I would smile. My friend, please be a bit patient, if you need great quality tea. 

The really good Spring tea does not come up early in the season. This is the truth, but easy to be ignored.

Let’s go back to our original pursuit. We chase Spring tea, because we like its high quality. Where does the high quality of Spring tea come from? It comes from the long rest of tea trees (During the ‘rest’, the quality content accumulate). So why we mind the tea trees taking a bit more days of ‘rest’, before they start making contribution to human being?

One other fact is that we all value high mountain tea. What makes the different quality of high mountain tea? Is it from different soil , different tea cultivar? No. It is the different climate which makes the miracle. The temperature in the high mountain is low. The tea trees on high mountain grow slower than the low land ones/They rest loner and accumulate more quality contents.

So we are clear now.

My friend, if you need good quality Spring tea, please spare me a bit more time.

Low Land Spring Tea 1

Low Land Spring Tea 2

Low Land Spring Tea 3

Low Land Spring Tea 


High Mountain Tea 1

High Mountain Tea 2

High Mountain Tea in early Spring

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