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Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking

March 19/2019

Wu Dong Cha 雾洞茶 is a very good green tea produced in Lichuan of West Hubei. The Wu Dong Cha tea garden is around 60km west to the capital city of Lichuan, and all surrounded by deep forestry. 

Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking 1

Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking 2

In 2018, we visited Lichuan and found this not so famous green tea Wu Dong Cha (much less famous as Bi Luo Chun, Meng Ding Gan Lu, Xin Yang Mao Jian, Huang shan Mao Feng…, right?), While we were so impressed by its quality! Flavor is not so outstanding, but the taste we believe is  unprecedentedly fantastic! Sweet, so sweet aftertaste. We can tell it is very close to the sweetness of the Cha Er when as a kid we ate as our favorite mountain fruit. (Cha Er is the natural mutation leaf of You Cha, Camellia oleifera in Spring.  Rare and delicious).

Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking 4

Cha Er

We got report that the Wu Dong Cha start plucking today. Great news! Hope the quality will repeat this year…

Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking 3

Wu Dong Cha Ready for Plucking 5

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