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Changsha Wufeng Tea Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the supply of high quality organic teas and EU-compliant teas. So far we have 50 plus organic/EU-compliant teas. We focus on the teas from high mountain, organic and old tea trees (Or traditional seed growing tea trees, Qun Ti Zhong). We keep tasting teas. And to ensure the quality of our teas, we stick to small batch and provide prompt shipment in the season. By small batch, can the most outstanding quality tea be selected out. By prompt shipment in the season, we ensure the customers be able to receive the tea with best freshness.  Whether you own a small or big tea company, run a retail shop or starting a tea business, our company is the ideal partner for you to purchase Chinese teas, clean safe and very good taste!
NASAA Certified EU & NOP Organic Teas. (See the certificates)

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Chagsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd Add.: No.325, Xingsha Ave. Xingsha, Changsha, Hunan, China 410100 Tel: +86 731 8402 3839 Mobile: +86 186 2759 4155