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Blooming Tea Tian Xian Pei


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Harvest Date : Oct.20/2018

Growing Region : Ningde, Fujian

Elevation : 560m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Fuding Dabai

Grade :

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Tian Xian Pei

Tian Xian Pei 天仙配 is the name of the famous Chinese traditional drama. It is the story about the marriage of the princess of Heaven coming to the earth to marry a good young man, with the help of Yue Lao ( matchmaker)

The blooming tea Tian Xian Pei uses jasmine flower and red Globe amaranth flower to make the the two happy but shy young men which are about to get married.

Tian Xian Pei-Traditional Chinese Drama


         Globe amaranth flower

          Jasmine flower


         Silver needle tea



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