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  • Keemun Black Tea 1st grade

Keemun Black Tea 1st grade


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Harvest Date : May 20

Growing Region : Qimen County

Elevation : 600m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Zhuyezhong

Grade :

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Keemun Black Tea is the renowned Chinese Black Tea. This is the 1st grade. It is produced in the Keemun County of Anhui. It has a kind of natural gentle creamy flavor. And the taste is quite mild mellow. The special growing surroundings in Keemun county makes the unique unprecedented quality. There is no other places in China which are able to produce the same quality. The keemun black tea is made by local small leaf cultivar, Zhuyezhong. The tea body of keemun black tea is slim cute, unlike that of Yunnan Black Tea which is big tea body. The Keemun Black Tea is very good match to make high end quality milk tea-there is no conflict in between the flavor of the tea flavor and the milk flavor. The tea drinkers can feel the silk smooth taste of the brewing.

It conforms to EU-regulation.

Keemun Black Tea 1st Grade

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