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2018 crop of Rose damas

June 6/2018

Our best quality rose in the world, rose damas 2018 new crop just come up in this week! It is from the Chinese Northwest Xinjiang desert area. The rose garden is irrigated by the melting water from glacier. And rose damas is the best rose cultivar of rose family in the world. It has much stronger fragrance than other cultivars. The desert growing souroundings also help the fragrance of it. It has bright purple color, instead of the pink color of other roses. The size of the rose bud is much bigger than other roses. 

Rose damas

Once brewed in the hot water, the color of the rose will fade soon. The healthy ingredients in the rose can be resolved in the water very fast. The taste is very fragrant mellow!

It is organic flower tea product.

rose damas

rose damas

The health benefits of rose:

1 Regulate blood flow and brighten skin and make beauty, 

2 Cool down body heat

3 Anti-fatigue

4 Help healing and protect liver and stomach

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