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2018 Gu Hua Cha Harvest Starts in Menghai


The Autmum crop of pu-erh tea is also called as Gu Hua Cha. Because it is also the time when the rice flower opens. Generally it is in the middle of September of Yunnan. 

Now the harvest of Gu Hua Cha starts in Bulangshan of Menghai.

It is generally believed that the taste of Gua Hua Cha is not so strong as Qing Ming Cha, but its fragrance is strong. 

Harvest of Gu Hua Cha 1

Harvest of Gu Hua Cha 2

Harvest of Gu Hua Cha 3

Harvest of Gu Hua Cha 4

Harvest of Gu Hua Cha 5



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