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2018 new batch of Yu Lan Xiang Dan Cong


This is the new batch of this year Yu Lan Xiang Dan Cong oolong tea. It just finished the last roasting in the baking works.

Yu lan Xiang Dan Cong 1

Yu Lan Xiang is the Feng Huang Dan Cong which has moderate taste. The flavor is very flowery and sweet. In the mouth, it feels very soft smooth and mellow.

Yu lan Xiang Dan Cong 6

This batch of Yu Lan Xiang is made by the material from the middle part of Wudong Mountain. It is light fermented and light roasted. It is very suitable to recommend to the customers who prefer light taste and sweet flavor Dan Conh tea.

Yu lan Xiang Dan Cong 5

It is very well made. the tea looks gorgeous in apperance. One part of the leaf is dark, the other part is golden yellow!

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