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2018 Phoenix Dan Cong Offering

July 5/2018

After two months of post-processing of the Phoenix Dan Cong teas (Feng Huang Dan Cong), we are releasing our products from now. 

The tea is made from the material from the rocky Wudong Mountain. And also there are the Phoenix dan cong made from Shi Gu Ping and Da Zhi Shan. The price are different. The ones from Wudong is generally more valued. 

All of our Phoenix Dan Cong teas are baked by charcoal. And our baking processing is the leading in the Phoenix Town.

The baking of Phoenix Dan Cong

These are our offering lineups 2018.

1 Wudong Mi Lan Xiang             2  Mi Lan Xiang

3 Wudong Ya Shi Xiang              4 Ya Shi Xiang

5 Wudong Zhi Lan Xiang            6 Zhi Lan Xiang

7 Wudong Jiang Hua Xiang       8 Jiang Hua Xiang

9 Wudong Xing Ren Xiang        10 Xing Ren Xiang

11 Wudong Huang Zhi Xiang    12 Huang Zhi Xiang

13 Wudong Ji Long Kan

14 Wudong Dong Fang Hong

15 Wudong Song Zhong

16 Wudong Ba Xian

17 Ju Duo Zai

18 Da Wu Ye

The phoenix Dan Cong teas are rich in minerals. You can feel the pleasant oolong tea flavor and the taste like fresh mineral waters just come up from the rocks. It is really a great beverage for the hot Summer days. It quenches all your thirst!

Please write email to us to get the price!  It is sure good for your business!

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