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2018 Yunnan Wild Tea Plucking Start

March 18/2018

This is Southwest Yunnan Daxueshan. And the sea level here is around 2000m. Today the wild tea tree starts plucking here. 

Wild tea tea is different from those planted tea trees in that it is natural seed growing tea in the forestry along with other kinds of trees. In Yunnan there are also a lot of ancient tea trees which are not wild tea. They are planted by the ancestors of Yunnan farmers hundreds of years ago. 

Look at the wild tea, the leaf growing mode is different planted tea trees. It look a bit like bamboo shoot. And one other important character of wild tea is that it almost does not have white hair on the tender leaves.


The wild tea can be made into either raw pu-erh tea or black tea. This is the wild raw pu-erh tea we made in 2016.

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