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A 2008 Loose Leaf Lao Ban Zhang Pu-erh Tea


We happended to find some 2008 crop loose leaf Lao Ban Zhang Pu-ert tea in our stock. It is such a precious tea. You know this year old tree Lao Ban Zhang price rise to around RMB50,000/KG!!! 

2008 crop Lao Ban Zhang Loose Leaf 1

We carefully conducted a tasting of it with our colleague. 

The ten years of transformation really works well. The liquor color already turn to red (The fresh raw pu-erh liquor color is green). We believe that in another ten years, its post-fermaentation can reach the extent of ripe pu-erh. 

2008 crop Lao Ban Zhang Loose Leaf 2

The taste of the tea is very deep and sweet. Can feel the astrigency in the beginning, and then the astringency turns to aftertaste very fast. It is the classic feature of Lao Ban Zhang pu-erh tea. 

2008 crop Lao Ban Zhang Loose Leaf 3

The disappointment is that the flavor of the tea is not pure, and can feel the deterioration of leaf. The keeping of raw pu-erh tea as loose leaf is not good. The leaf is easy to get  by over oxidized. (Too much exposure to air). 

It is ideal to keep pu-erh tea in compressed form eg, cake. By this way, most of the tea leaves are  not directly exposed to air, which is good for the post-fermentation of tea.

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