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Bai Sha Green Tea and Hainan Green Teas

June 5/2018

The Hainan Province is the only one Chinese tropical province. And there are four famous green teas produced in this island province. They are Bai Sha Green Tea 白沙绿茶, Nan Hai Green Tea 南海绿茶, Jin Ding Green Tea 金鼎绿茶, and Bai Ma Ling Green Tea 白马岭绿茶.

Bai Sha Green Tea is produced in Bai Sha County 白沙县,

Nan Hai Green Tea is produced in Ding An County 定安县,

Jin Ding Green Tea is produced in Bao Ting County 保亭县,

Bai Ma Ling Green Tea is produced in Qiong Zhong County 琼中县.

Among them, the most renowned one is Bai Sha Green Tea. The tea garden of Bai Sha Green Tea is located around a meteorite crater formed around 700,000 years ago. The unique geographic condition gives the soil rich minerals and other ideal growing surroundings. Besides that,  there are good forestry covering and lot of mist in most of the time.  The Bai Sha Green tea has rich fragrance and brisk mellow taste.

Bai Sha Green Tea


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