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New Release of 2018 Supreme White Monkey Green Tea

April 22/2018

This year crown Spring green tea is supreme white monkey! This is the tea with ideal beautiful appearance and fantastic flavor and taste. The flavor is so flowery, and very close to the flower rhododendrons, and you can enjoy the flowery flavor in every sip of this tea! The taste is mellow sweet, without any astringency and bitterness.

The outstanding quality comes from our 1200m high mountain tea garden and natural farming of way, no any pesticides and chemical fertilizer had ever been used, which not only ensures our tea clean from chemicals, but also the good taste of tea.

The quality just available for producing in three days this year.

It conforms to EU-regulation.

Supreme white monkey

Supreme White Monkey

High Mountain Tea Garden

High Mountain Tea Garden



Flower Rhododendrons

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