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Pile Fermentation of Ripe Pu-erh Tea

April 26/2018

The most critical factor to achieve good quality Pu-erh Shu Cha (ripe pu-erh Tea) is processing, especially the fermentation technology. After the tea is harvested in Spring, it will be processed into Shaqing maocha, which is just the raw pu-erh tea.  And then the shaqing maocha will be piled together and add in enough water to conduct fermentation to make ripe pu-erh. The fermentation lasts around one and half an month to two months. During the piling, fungi and bacteria will grow. And they are acting as the enhancer of fermentation. This is also the difference of the ‘fermentation’ in between ripe pu-erh tea and black tea (oolong tea also). Black tea (Oolong Tea) fermentation is the oxidation of tea components in short time, without the involvement of fungi and bacteria. 

Our factory in Yunnan has more then thirty years experience in the Pu-erh Shu Cha processing, We have a professional and experienced team to do this work. And also we select fine material. Our pu-erh Shu Cha is one of the leading quality products. It has sweet jujube flavor and smooth taste. 

Pile fermentation of ripe pu-erh

Pile fermentation of ripe pu-erh


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