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The Current Situation of Da Hong Pao Mother Trees


The six mother trees of Da Hong Pao have been growing in the rocks of Jiu Long Ke 九龙窠 of Wuyi for around 360 years. The Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea made by the material from the six tea trees had been tributed to the Emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (AD1736-1795). The record showed that at that time the yield from the the six trees was 400g. Later as the tea tree grew, the peak of annual yield had reached 1kg. 

Since around year 2000, the producing of mother tree stopped, to protect the trees.  

In 1998, there were 20g of Da Hong Pao produced from the mother trees. They were auctioned at the price USD20,000.

The Da Hong Pao made by the mother tree has very strong flavor and deep taste. The common Da Hong Pao after seven times of brewing tastes pale. While the mother tree Da Hong Pao ever after nine times of brewing, the taste is still rich and gives kind of flavor a bit like osmanthus fragrance. 

The six Da Hong Pao mother trees are now national treasure. The insured amount of them reachs RMB one hundred million. 

Da Hong Pao Mother Tree 1

Da Hong Pao Mother Tree 2

Da Hong Pao Mother Tree 3

Da Hong Pao Mother Tree 4

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