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The Taste of Two Gong Fu Black Teas from Wuling Mountain


We are tasting two Gong Fu Black Teas from the Wuling Mountains of West Hunan. They are from the same tea garden. But the prodcuing timing is different. The left one harvested in the middle of April, and the leaf standard is single bud and one bud one leaf newly open. The right one was harvested just now in the middle of July, and the leaf standard is grown one bud two leaves. 

Taste Two Gong Fu Black Tea from the same tea garden

The tasting result is that the earlier one taste is mild mellow and flavor is flowery sweet. The later one gives charming flowery flavor, and the taste is strong and sharp fresh. And the taste is full bodied.

The later black tea behave overall better quality than the ealrier one. 

Taste Two Gong Fu Black Tea from the same tea garden

For the cusomters who are in pursuit of quality, without regarding to apperance of tea, we definitely recommend the later one.  The later one price is almost 1/6 of the ealrier one!!!

They are EU-regulation conformed tea. Welcome to inquire with us We always recommend the best teas to the customers!

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