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Shou Mei


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Harvest Date : May 15

Growing Region : Fuding, Ningde

Elevation : 500m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Fuding Da Bai

Grade :

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Shou Mei is the Chinese white tea, which comes after Silver Needle, White Peony and Gong Mei. It is produced in North Fujian area. It is made by the grown tea meterial from Fuding Da Bai and Zhenghe Da Bai tea cultivar. Generally the leaf standard to make Shou Mei white tea is one bud three leaves. The processsing is same as the the other white teas. (It can be considered as lower grade of White Peony).

The name Shou Mei means Longevity Eyebrow in English. To drink the Shou Mei White Tea can stay healthy and achieve longevity, So the farmers used such a good word to name it, despite it is made by old and coarse tea material. It is also called as Cu Cha Po 粗茶婆 (Coarse Tea Mother) by local North Fujian farmers. They have the tradition to pepare one big bottle of Shou Mei tea, and bring it to the working field for drinking in the work interval. Shou Mei is also a popular tea among the breakfast restaurants in Guangdong and Hong Kong.

In Chinese medicine, the shou mei white tea is ‘cold’ in nature and can cure fever, toothache, act as detoxin and anti-inflammation. Before the birth of antibiotics, this is very important Chinese therapy for those illness. It is proved true by modern medicine. Besides the above medicine function, Shou Mei white tea can keep body fit,  prevent cancer, improve cardiovascular health and also becuase of the rich content Tea Polysaccharide, which is significantly higher in tea from grown coarse material, it can help remedy diabetes.

How does it taste. The flavor of fresh crop Shou Mei is pleasant mild vegetal. The taste is mellow and deeper than Silver Needle and White Peony. The vintage Shou Mei flavor is mature and gives kind of Chinese medicine flavor. The taste is mellow smooth. The Shou Mei can be prepared either by the way of brewing or cooking.

How to Keep it. The Shou Mei can be kept in sealed containers eg. tins, jars, boxes with plastic. The humidity is very important to keep low. In China, people will put lime in the bottom of the containers. To ahieve the vintage effect, it is not adviced to make the package vacuum. Ceramic jar is the ideal container for keeping Shou Mei. And Shou Mei is better to be compressed for keeping.  Because there are lots of  big stalk in the Shou Mei tea, the compressed tea cake of it can be transformed fast to appear vintage characters.

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