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2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea

This is the 2017 crop Tian Jian Dark Tea. It is produced by Malu Tea Factory of Anhua County, Hunan. It is made by the material from the special local traditional big leaf tea cultivar, Yuntai Big Leaf Tea

Tian Jian is the top grade of Hunan Dark Tea, by material grade. The material of Tian Jian is the tender tip of the plucked tea leaves. (In the manufacture of Hunan Dark Tea, one bud four leaves are plucked as material. And after the processing of maocha, the tender tip will be selected as material of Tian Jian).

2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea 1

Tain Jian Dark Tea 6

2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea 2

2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea 3

2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea 4

2017 Tian Jian Dark Tea 5

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