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Chummee Green Tea

Chummee Green Tea and Gunpowder Green Tea are the two green teas of China with the biggest export quantity. They are the most popular beverage in North Africa, West Africa and part of West Asia area nowadays. According to the statistics, the average consumption of green tea in some North African countires like Morocco and Algeria, the daily consumption per family is more than 100g. Interestingly they form the tradition of drinking Chinese green tea with mint and adding a lot of sugar.

Chummee Green Tea


Chummee green tea’s history can be traced back to arounf 150 years ago and it got its name from that the tea body of Chummee green tea look like the exquisite women’s eyebrow. In Chinese, eyebrow is 眉 Mei. And It was wriiten as Mee in English at that time. The Chinese green tea is produced in Spring, 春 Chun. So the word ‘Chummee’ came into being.

Most of the Chinese Southern provicnes produce Chummee Green Tea. And there are some famous ones of them, Tun Lu (Tunxi), Wu Lu (Wuyuan), Sui Lu(Chun An), Shu Lu (Shu Cheng), Wen Lu (Wenzhou), Xiang Lu (Hunan), E Lu (Hubei) and Qian Lu (Guizhou). In the international tea trading, the Chummee green tea has its code 41022 and 9371.

Chummee Green Tea

Chummee Green Tea

The production of Chummee green tea lasts from Spring to Autumn. While the best quality is made by the material plucked in Qing Ming and Gu Yu festival. And the leaf material is one bud two leaves and three leaves. The processing of Chummee green tea is Chao Qing 炒青 Fry-green.

Chummee Green Tea

The good quality Chummee green tea body is cute slim and look like women eyebrow. And the color is greyish green, which feel like covered by a layer of frost.

The Chummee Green Tea has strong pleasant frgrance. and the taste is strong and mellow.

It has a lot of healthy benefits:

1 Keep body fit.

2 Supply anti-oxidants and minerals

3 Prevent Cardiovascular disease

4 Anti-inflammation and prevent teeth decay

5 Help digest and refresh the mind

6 Anti-aging

Chummee Green Tea is one of the best choices of beverage. It is the Chinese Commodity Green Tea. 

Chummee Green Tea

We offer the Chumme Green Tea both organic and conformed to EU-regulation. Welcome to inquire with us!

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