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Harvest Date : Oct.20/2018

Growing Region : Dali, Yunnan

Elevation : 1800m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Hibiscus

Grade :

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This is the Hibiscus from Yunnan Highland. The altitude of the plantation is 1800m. And there are quite enough sunlight during the growing season. The excellent growing surroundings make the hibiscus have thicker flesh and the flavor and taste it stronger. The size is bigger than those from seaside provinces. eg. Fujian. It is your right choice for high quality hibiscus!

It conforms to EU-regulation. 

The hibiscus is planted in the highland of West Yunnan in natural way. Here the land is wild. There are lavish sunlight,  and the temperature varies greatly in the night and day time. The growing surroundings is ideal for high quality hibiscus. 

Hibiscus 1

Hibiscus 2

Hibiscus 3

Hibiscus 4

Hibiscus 5

Look at the thick pulp and bright red color of the hibiscus.  It is very good quality one.

Hibiscus 6

The highland hibiscus is harvested in end of October. The strong sunlight and dry air in the Yunnan highland is quite enough to have the hibiscus dry under the sunlight fast. By the way, the quality of the hibiscus is very well kept.

Hibiscus 7

Hibiscus 8

The flavor and taste of the hibiscus dried by sunlight fast is very natural fruity. 

Hibiscus 9

Hibiscus 10

Hibiscus is the miracle flower which has rich content of Vitamin C, Protein, Malic acid, Polysaccharide and minerals iron and sodium. It gives kind of sour flavor due to the rich Malic acid. 

The health function of hibiscus is:

Help digest


Help cure liver disease

Kill body parasite


Balance the pH in the body, nourish blood and regulate woman menstruation

Skincare and make beauty



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