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Ju Duo Zai 锯剁仔 Feng Huang Dan Cong

Ju Duo Zai 锯剁仔 is the reprentative tea of Xing Ren Xiang (Apricot Flavor) family of Feng Huang Dan Cong. It is featured by two characters. One is that the fresh leaf shape of Ju Duo Zai looks like a saw. In Chaozhou dialect, saw is Ju Duo 锯剁. This is also the reason why it is named.

Ju Duo Zai Saw shape Leaf

The other character is that this tea has the fragrant flavor like apricot, so it is classified into the Xing Ren Xiang family of Feng Huang Dan Cong.

Ju Duo Zai and Apricot

Most of the tea trees of Ju Duo Zai cultivar grows in the Shi Tou Jiao Village and Li Zai Ping Village of Wudong Mountain. The altitude is above 900m. The tea trees age in around 50-200 years.

Ju Duo Zai Tea Tree in Wudong

The tenderness of fresh leaf Ju Duo Zai cultivar lasts very shor time in Spring. So the plucking of this cultivar has to be arranged early and in a hurry. Once one bud three leafs open, it must be harvested. otherwise the tea leaves will soon turn old and hard, and nout suitable to process into tea. It is said that Ju Du Zai is the cutlviar in Phoenix Town that the tea plukers most reluctant to pluck. Because the yield of it is low and not easy to pluck, and sometimes even the hand will be hurt by the saw leaf Ju Duo. But the quality of Ju Duo Zai tea is really excellent!

Ju Duo Zai Harvesting

The traditional processing of Ju Duo Zai is Outdoor withering-indoor withering-Zuo Qing-Shaqing-Rolling-Roasting.  The most critical steps todiecide the quality is Zuo Qing and Roasting. Zuo Qing decide the fermentation extent and roasting decide the maturation of the tea. The Zuo Qing is conducted by hand and lasted for one night. The roasting is heated up by charcoal and it will repeat three times. It takes around two months to finsh the whole processing.

Zuo Qing and Charcoal Roasting of Ju Duo Zai

The tea body of Ju Duo Zai Feng Huang Dan Cong is tightly slim and the color is yellowish brown. The new tea has fresh sharp flavor and the taste is sweet. It gets more and more fragrant as it keeps more time, just feel like apricot flavor. And the taste is richer nad more mature. The drinker can feel soft mellow in the mouth and the aftertaste is deep and thick, fragrance and sweetness lingers in the feeling.

Ju Duo Zai Product

The brewing of Ju Duo Zai Feng Huang Dan Cong

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