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  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶
  • Ma Tai Cha 马台茶

Ma Tai Cha 马台茶


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Harvest Date : April 13, 2019

Growing Region : Ma Tai, Yunnan

Elevation : 1600m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Old Tree Yunnan Big Leaf Tea

Grade :

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This is not in Wuyi, nor in Phoenix Mountain of Chaozhou. This is Ma Tai. a small and quiet village on the high mountain of Lincang and at the bank of Lan Cang River of Yunnan. Here there are many old tea trees. And one other great side, is that the tea garden here has very good sunshine covering.Because it is on the high mountain, even in the evening, the sunshine still can cover the tea garden. And at night, the moisture from Lan cang River comes here, forms the cloud and mist (in the next morning, the cloud and mist will be driven away by Sun). The temperature is high in the day time and low at night. And the even better condition of it. It has many rocks in the tea field, look exactly like Wuyi! The rocks bring rich iron and other minrals to the tea tree, which make the tea tasty. This is very ideal small climate and geography for good quality tea.

We call the old tree pu-erh tea of Ma Tai as Yunnan Yan Cha 云南岩茶 (Yunnan Rock Tea).

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Sheng Pu-erh Tea is originated from green tea. It differs from green tea in processing outline only in two points. One is the frying (Sha Qing) temperature of sheng pu-erh is a bit lower than that of green tea, the other is that sheng pu-erh is dried by sunlight. (Green tea can not).
From the processing of sheng pu-erh tea, we know that actually it is very simple in processing. One the other hand, one universal rule is that the simpler the more difficult to make better. Without the too much complicated processing, the quality of raw material is more vividly reflected on the quality of sheng pu-erh tea. That’s why we have so many famous tea mountains and old tea trees in Yunnan for sheng pu-erh. And also by this, we can undertand why the price of sheng pu-erh is generally higher than shu (cooked) pu-erh, despite the processing of the latter is much more compliacted and costly.
We can say, in the tasting of sheng pu-erh, we expect more of the natural wild flavor of camellia plant than the art of processing as other teas.

Ma Tai Cha Pu-erh Tea

How does the Ma Tai Sheng pu-erh taste?
In brewing, the tea gives strong wild flavor of camellia, the taste is very deep and rich, and it transforms to sweetness very fast.
It is very good sheng pu-erh to appreciate when fresh. And with the quality texture, it should behave even better after keeping vintage.

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