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2018 crop of Phoenix Dan Cong Mi Lan Xiang

March 30/2018

The 2018 crop of Phoenix Dan Cong Mi Lan Xiang production has started. The leaf material is plucked from Mi Lan Xiang cultivar old trees in the Wudong Mountain of Phoenix Town.

Below is the outline of the processing.

Tea  Plucking in the Wudong Mountain March 29


The tea leaves are put on the bamboo plate for withering


The Zuo Qing (Make Green) started at night 9:00pm


After Zuo Qing the tea leaves are put for fermentation,

Zuo Qing and Put fermentation repeated five times overnight


The next morning the tea leaves are fried to stop further fermentation


The leaves are subject to Rolling


After Rolling, the leaves are sent for Roasting. This is an iron box. the charcoal are burning in the bottom. And it has good air ventilation. It is a newly designed equipment to improve the effect of charcoal roasting.


This is the Mao Cha. It will still need undergo sorting and further roastings after a few days to make the finished product Phoenix Dan Cong Mi Lan Xiang.


This is a tasting of Mao Cha. Very good Processing!

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