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Traditioanl Yellow Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya

Traditionally Huo Shan Huang Ya had been a classic yellow tea. In the old times, huo shan huang ya was classified into Huang Da Cha and Huang Xiao Cha by the size of leaf material.

In the recent tens of years, the Huo Shan Huang Ya has become greener and greener. The piling processing (meng huang) is short for the modern huo shang huang ya. We can say now in the market nearly 99% of this tea is green version of it. The traditional yellow tea huo shan huang ya is rare.

The reason why it cause this situation might be 1) Some modern tea drinkers like the freshness of tea in Spring, they appreciate the huo shan huang ya as a green tea; 2)modern keeping equipments eg freezer can keep the freshness of tea. The green version huo shan huang ya can preserve the freshness by the modern euipments. As we know, yellow tea is a tea processed by piling, meng huang which makes it can be kept for long under the natural conditions in the old times. The electric keeping equipments are not necessary for the keeping of traditional yellow tea; 3) the processing of tradtional huo shan huang ya is long and complicated. Usually it takes one month from fresh leaf harvesting, processing to the final product. It needs a lot of work, and also it means it miss the best sales timing in Spring. In China a lot of tea drinkers buy fresh teas in Qingming. But this tea always has to wait until in May to be ready for sale. So a lot of tea farmers quit the production of traditional huo shan huang ya.

The processing chart of traditional huo shang huang ya is, tea harvesting-slight withering-frying-rolling-piling-roasting-final dry. The most critical processing is that the piling-roasting would repeat for five times. The earlier piling is short in time and the roasting won’t make enough dry. As the tea become dryer and dryer, the later piling time become longer and longer. And the tea get enough dry in the last roasting. The roasting is heated by charcoal.

1 Harvesting of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

This is an organic tea garden in Da Hua Ping of Huo Shan.

2 Frying of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

3 Rolling of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

4 Piling of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

5 Piling of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

6 Piling of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

7 Piling of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

8 Charcoal Roasting of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

9 Charcoal Roasting of Huoshan Huang Da Cha

10 Charcoal Roasting of Huoshan Huang Da Cha


11 Yellow Tea Huo Shan Huang Ya

This is a traditional yellow tea Huo Shan Huang Ya. It is organic.

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