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2018 Spring Ma An Shan Old Tea Plucking

March 26/2018

The plucking of this year Spring Ma An Shan Old Tree tea just starts. 

Ma An Shan Pu-erh Tea has very high reputation among the old tree pu-erh teas from Southwest Yunnan. Here the old trees keep very natural growing, much less human care than those from very famous old tea gardens. So the tea quality and price is still ‘natural’.

Ma An Shan Pu-erh tea has fascinating floral fragrance, and clean sweet taste. And this tea is very good to keep vintage. After three to five years keeping, the flavor is very honey.

Ma An Shan is also called Chang Shou (‘Long Life’ in English). Because here in the village the people has longer life. 

Ma An Shan is a good place, a good tea!

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