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A Green Tea Cultivar Shiqiantaicha

April 9/2018.

This is a green tea cultivar originated in Chinese Guizhou Province, Shiqiantaicha, Which is suitable to make fine quality green tea.

The Shiqiantaicha  has been a traditional planted cultivar in Chinese tea producing history. And it is suitable to plant in high mountain area. It behaves very excellent cold-resistance.

The cultivar is special in that it has long tender tea shoot in Spring. (Tai means shoot in Chinese. In its name this character is written down). And the color of its tender tea leaf is purple green. Here I would like to mention it is not the purple tea in Yunnan province.

The green tea made by Shiqiantaicha has less white hair than the commonly planted Fuding Dabai. But it has very sweet aftertaste and flowery aroma.

A Green Tea Cultivar Shiqiantaicha A green tea cultivar Shiqiantaicha

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