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A taste of 2012 Vintage Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Tea

March 23/2018

We were having a taste of a 2012 vintage Lao Ban Zhang raw pu-erh tea. It has been kept in a warehouse in Menghai County all these years. 

This  is really a great tea! The transformation (post fermentation) is so good that the fresh flavor changed into the mature honey flavor. And the taste is clean and full-bodied mellow, can feel levels of rich taste. The infusion lasted a lot. As is tested, 12 infusions by gaiwan, the flavor and taste is still strong. 

Despite that it is a vintage pu-erh, it still has strong chaqi, the body is hot after the drinking. This is Lao Ban Zhang!

And we found that as to keep pu-erh tea, Menghai is an ideal place. Here it has very good forestry, and the air is clean fresh and dry. And in most of the days of year, it is sunny, so the tea can keep in the warehouse with good ventilation without sealing tightly. The natural surroundings helps the natural transformation of tea. No freeze warehouse and sealing is necessary here. It is the traditional old way of keeping tea.

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