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A tasting of 2018 earliest crop Duyun Mao Jian

March 14/2018

Today we are tasting a 2018 earliest crop Duyun Mao Jian from Guizhou Province. Guizhou is a highland province of China with sea level over 1000m. 

This Duyun Mao Jian is made by single bud material. It looks beautiful. The tea body is all covered by white hair. The tea gives  fresh fragrant flavor. However as on tasting, the taste is pale and lack of sweetness, no full bodied taste in the mouth. 

We are concluding the tea come up a bit too early, the content accumulation is not enough. The most important fact should be that the tea tree is the Fuyun No.6, which is a high-yield and early germination cultivar introduced to plant in Guizhou since around 20 years ago. 

People who are eager to get early Spring Chinese tea and good quality, please be patient to wait a bit more time. Good tea must come from high mountain with rich content and proper cultivar.

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