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Our green tea factory in Wuling Mountians is one of the leading manufactures of Gunpowder green tea. We produce full grades gunpowder green tea, from 3505AAA to 3505C.

Gunpowder Green Tea

It is the the best quality gunpowder green tea in China! For two reasons, one is that the Wuling Mountain is the place of China to plant tea with high quality becuase of the good soil, high altitude, ecological surroudings, ideal weather and  good forestry cover here. The raw material is very good; the other reason is that we insisit on hand plucking! which is never made by those factories in Zhejiang-all of their gunpowder green tea materials are plucked by machine.

Gunpowder Green Tea

Despite that gunpowder green tea is big commodity tea, our gunpowder green tea is the unique and unprecedented one which can be appreciated as Chinese speciality tea!  The color of brewing is clear green and no sediments. The tea has pure mild mature fragracne, and the taste is strong with astrigency which produce  the pleasure of a limp and numb in the mouth. Soon later the sweet aftertaste come up. The refresh and enjoyable feeling lingers after drinking the tea! 

Gunpowder Green Tea

And also, due to our good management and plan in production, we control our cost very well. So our price is very good! We are the one who set the price for the tea in local industrial line.

Our annual supply of gunpowder green tea is 2000t. 

They can meet EU-regulation!

Why not contact us to build up the stable supply of fine quality Gunpowder green tea!

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