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Dark Tea Offering


We are offering three Dark Teas to our overseas customers. They are the seleceted quality from the present lineups of dark teas. The size are not so bulky as sold in China domestic. The quality is excellent!

1 Ji Pin Fu Zhuan. It is the 200g size brick, and adopt top grade Hei Mao Cha (Dark Tea Raw Material) to compress and inoculated with the fungi Eurotium cristatum which is very helpful to human health. It is called as Jin Hua by Chinese. The Ji Pin Fu Zhuan has sweet mellow taste, and gives one kind of fresh mushroom flavor, which is described as Jun Hua Xiang by Chinese. The current offering is 2103 crop of produce.

Fuzhuan Cha

2 Qian Liang Cha (also named as Hua Juan Cha). It is 650g size. The Qian Liang Cha sold in China domestic weight up to 36.25KG, and packed by bamboo cage. We have cut it into cute size to be easily consumed by the customers, after years of stocking. The tea is made by the fine material from the Wuling Mountains, and processed by the tradititional handling. The tea brewing gives kind of sweet rice wine flavor, and the taste is a bit astrigent in the beginning, but the sweet aftertaste come up very fast. It can last brewing for more than 20 times. The current offering is 2105 crop of produce.

Qian Liang Cha

3 Tian Jian Cha is the loose leaf Dark Tea. It is the top grade dark tea, made by the selected tips from the Hei Mao Cha, and tightly packed (not compressed) in the bamboo basket. The standard weight of Tian Jian basket is 1kg. The outstanding material source from Wuling Mountains tea garden and the well processed make the Tian Jian tea oil dark color and present very charming vintage flavor. The taste is mellow with sweet aftertaste.

Tain Jian Cha


The Dark Tea Fuzhan Cha, Qian Liang Cha, and Tian Jian Cha has very good health benefits in controlling the body weight, lowering bloog sugar, blood fat and cholesterol, detoxin and anti-aging. It is very good choice of beverage. Welcome to inquire with us!

Dark Tea offering


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