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Mang Fei Old Tea Garden

March 23/2018

Mang Fei is one of the most famous pu-erh tea from Southwest Yunnan. It is located in the Mangfei village of Yongde County. The sea level here is 1480m.

The age of tea trees here actually is not too old, 80-100 years, as compared to the many old tea trees with hundreds of years in other places of Yunnan.

The reason why the Mang Fei Old Tea Garden is famous is that here is often foggy, the soil here is mostly composed by weathering rocks, and it is less fertile soil. The tea tree here grows suffering. the tea leaves are yellowish green color. These kind of yellowish leaves have very good sweet aftertaste and taste is very rich, lasts a lot of infusions. The flavor is floral fresh.

One other fact is that the Mang Fei old tree pu-erh tea has very good price/quality balance.

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