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Orange Pu-erh

March 21/2018

Orange Pu-erh has been one of the most popular teas in China starting two or three years ago. The orange pu-erh is made by mandarin orange peel produced in Xinhui of Guangdong. During the processing the inside pulp of the mandarin orange is scooped out, and the complete shape of peel is kept. 

Mandarin orange is a kind of orange which is not suitable for eating as fruit. Because it is very sour, a bit like lemon. But the mandarin orange peel is used widely as Chinese medicine recipe, and some for cooking and traditional sweet preserves.  In Chinese medicine practice, mandarin orange peel, especially the vintage one eg 5 eyars, 7 years can help digestion,  relieve cough and reduce sputum, and neutralize alcohol. 

The ripe pu-erh is filled in the vacant mandarin orange peel. And this is how the the orange pu-erh is made. Then the orange pu-erh will undergo natural dry. Generally it will be kept for a few months or longer time before it is ready for sale. By this, the tea will absorb more fragrance of the orange peel. 

One piece of orange pu-erh is suitable to make one serve of tea in one tea pot. 

The flavor of mandarin orange peel and pu-erh is really a perfect combination, which endow the ripe pu-erh tea with fresh sharp fragrance, and produce mellow smooth taste.

The orange pu-erh is especially good to help digest, relieve cough, keep fit, anti-inflammation and anti-aging. 


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