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Song Zhong Dan Cong

June 13/2018

Song Zhong is one of the teas in Phoenix Oolong (Dan Cong) family. It is made by the tea cultivar Song Zhong. And  this cultivar history can be dated back in Song Dynasty. It is the reason why it is named. Now the mother tree of Song Zhong still grows on the Wudong Mountain of Feng Huang Town of Chaozhou. 

The tea leaf of Song Zhong is featured by a bird beak like front edge. The Song Zhong Phoenix Dan Cong has a kind of roasted sweet potato flavor and it has deep aftertaste. 

It is a precious Chinese Oolong tea.

Song Zhong Phoenix Dan Cong

Song Zhong Phoenix Dan Cong

Song Zhong Phoenix Dan Cong


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