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The Taste of Two Gong Fu Black Teas from Wuling Mountain

Jul.18/2018 We are tasting two Gong Fu Black Teas from the Wuling Mountains of West Hunan. They are from the same tea garden. But the prodcuing timing is different. The left one harvested in the middle of April, and the leaf standard is single bud and one bud one leaf newly open. The right one … Continue reading “The Taste of Two Gong Fu Black Teas from Wuling Mountain”

July 18th, 2018

Charcoal Baking Wuyi Rock Tea

Jul.15/2018 We stick to the traditioanl charcoal baking of our Wuyi Rock Tea, which make our Wuyi Rock Tea mild flowery flavor and deep taste and rick feeling in the mouth! The charcaol baking is very critical to the quality of the roasted teas like Wuyi Rock Tea, Phoenix Oolong and even on many green teas.  … Continue reading “Charcoal Baking Wuyi Rock Tea”

July 15th, 2018

Regular Tea Tasting

Jul. 14/2018 This is a regular tasting of our tea from different facotries.Today we are tasting the Fujian Black Teas. They are Lapsang Souchong from Tongmu, Wuyi, Bai Lin Gong Fu from Bailin Town of Fuding, Tan Yang Gong Fu from Tanyang Village of Fu An, Zheng He Gong Fu from Zhenghe County.  Each of … Continue reading “Regular Tea Tasting”

July 14th, 2018

Black Tea Fannings STD.18641

Jul. 13/2018 This is the Chinese Black Fannings STD.18641. It conforms EU-regualtion. We supply big quanity of this tea to our cusotmers worldwide anually. Quality is good and price is competitive! Welcome to inquire with us!   Changsha Wufeng Tea Co.,Ltd

July 13th, 2018

2018 Crop Red Pagoda and Red Ball Black Tea

Jul.11/2018 This is the 2018 crop Red Pagoda and Red Ball made by the selected Yunnan Black Tea from organic tea garden. The material is the first flush Yunnan Black Tea, and the tea body is covered by golden pekoe. The tea had golden red color and honey flavor and sweet taste. Welcome to inquire with … Continue reading “2018 Crop Red Pagoda and Red Ball Black Tea”

July 11th, 2018

Huang Jin Ya Tea Growing in Summer

Jul.11/2018 It is the Summer season in China. Now the tea leaves of Huang Jin Ya tea cultivar has grown up. But the color of the tender shoots are still golden yellowish. Now it is the hibenration time for the tea tree. The tea leaves are not plucked.  This is a high montain tea garden. … Continue reading “Huang Jin Ya Tea Growing in Summer”

July 11th, 2018

Dark Tea Offering

Jul.10/2018 We are offering three Dark Teas to our overseas customers. They are the seleceted quality from the present lineups of dark teas. The size are not so bulky as sold in China domestic. The quality is excellent! 1 Ji Pin Fu Zhuan. It is the 200g size brick, and adopt top grade Hei Mao … Continue reading “Dark Tea Offering”

July 10th, 2018

2018 Crop Lao Cha Tou Pu-erh Tea

Jul.9/2018 This is the 2018 crop Lao Cha Tou Pu-erh Tea. This year fermentation of the ripe pu-erh is controlled very well. The Lao Cha Tou gives kind of fascianting wine flavor. and the taste is so smooth with sweet aftertaste! This is a Spuer quality ripe pu-erh tea presentation of this year. Lao Cha … Continue reading “2018 Crop Lao Cha Tou Pu-erh Tea”

July 9th, 2018

2018 Phoenix Dan Cong Offering

July 5/2018 After two months of post-processing of the Phoenix Dan Cong teas (Feng Huang Dan Cong), we are releasing our products from now.  The tea is made from the material from the rocky Wudong Mountain. And also there are the Phoenix dan cong made from Shi Gu Ping and Da Zhi Shan. The price are … Continue reading “2018 Phoenix Dan Cong Offering”

July 5th, 2018

2018 Lao Cong Mi Lan Xiang

July 4/2018 This is the 2018 crop Lao Cong Mi Lan Xiang (Old Bush Honey Orchid) of phoenix dancong oolong tea. It is made by the material from Da An Village of Wudong Mountain. Da An is close to the top of Mt.Wudong. And the tea trees grow in the rocks. The tea is well … Continue reading “2018 Lao Cong Mi Lan Xiang”

July 4th, 2018

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