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  • Organic Enshi Yu Lu
  • Organic Enshi Yu Lu
  • Organic Enshi Yu Lu
  • Organic Enshi Yu Lu

Organic Enshi Yu Lu


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Harvest Date : April 15, 2022

Growing Region : Enshi, Hubei

Elevation : 900

Tea Bush/Varietal : Enshi Qun Ti Zhong

Grade :

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Enshi Yu Lu 恩施玉露 is the Gyokuro green tea of China. (Gyokuro is the Japanese pronunciation of 玉露 Yu Lu). But it is not a copy from Japan. It has been produced in Enshi of West Hubei for hundreds of years. And back in Tang Dynasty, most of the Chinese teas were steam green. It is made by the one bud two leaves from organic tea garden, harvested in the end of April. The tea cultivar is the traditionally planted local West Hubei mixed cultivar Enshi Qun Ti Zhong. The killing of tea leaves is steam green. It is rolled repeatedly by hand to make the straight tea body. After the tea is made, it is fried in low temperature pan for a short while , thus the tea turns out to be greyish jade green color, which makes the En shi Yu Lu look a bit different from Japanese one. The tea gives pure classic camellia flavor and the taste is strong. The sweet aftertaste lingers in month for long. The altitude of tea garden is 900m.

In Enshi, no tea garden producing enshi Yu Lu needs artificial covering. Because here it is deep mountain area, cloud and mist covers the tea garden in most of the time, especially in Spring season. Artificial covering of tea garden, which is served to keep the tenderness of tea material,  is not necessary here.  This is on other difference of Enshi Yu Lu from Japanese produce Gyokuro.

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