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Organic Long Jing


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Harvest Date : End of March

Growing Region : Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Elevation : 800m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Seed Growing Jiu Keng Qun Ti Zhong

Grade :

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Wholesale of BCS certified EU and NOP standard organic Long Jing of grades from Pre-qingming high end to low grade.     

In 2022, we have these grade for wholesale,

1, Organic Pre-qingming AA,   Harvested in around Mar. 25-30th

2, Organic Pre-qingming A,   Harvested in around Mar. 31-Apr.2th

3, Organic qingming, Harvested in around Apr. 3-6th

4, Organic 1st,  Harvested in around Apr. 7-15th

5, Organic 2nd,  Harvested in the end of April

6, Organic 3rd, Harvested in May & June


The 2022 organic Long Jing is produced in the high mountain organic tea garden in Lin An of Hangzhou. (Lin An is around 60km west to West Lake, and was the old capital of China in Nan Song Dynasty. Hangzhou was named as Lin An at that time). The tea garden is located in the altitude of 800m. It is planted by the seed growing Jiu Keng Qun Ti Zong (鸠坑群体种) in 1990s. (The other tea cultivar Long Jing 43 is bred by cuttage). And it’s been certified organic ever since 2005. The tea has very outstanding quality nature by high mountain, organic farming and from rich gene source. The tea is processed by the classic Long Jing frying. It gives roasted bean and orchid like flavor (local Hangzhou people call it 兰花豆香 Lan Hua Dou Xiang). The taste is very mellow sweet!


The tea garden is planted by seed growing Jiu Keng Qun Ti Zhong (鸠坑群体种), and has been certified organic ever since 2005.

Organic Long Jing 1

Organic Long Jing 2


The tea garden is located at the altitude 800m.

Organic Long Jing 3

Organic Long Jing 4


The tea garden in March 30, 2021. The tea just germinate tiny tender shoot.

Organic Long Jing 5

Organic Long Jing 6


The harvesting of pre-qingming tea needs skills, persistence and patience.

Organic Long Jing 7

Organic Long Jing 8

Organic Long Jing 9

Organic Long Jing 10

Organic Long Jing 11

Organic Long Jing 12


There is a shower in the mid of the day. The tea pluckers rushed back to the facotry to weight the tea.

Organic Long Jing 13

Organic Long Jing 14

Organic Long Jing 15


This is the tiny tender tea shoot to make the pre-qingming Long Jing.

Organic Long Jing 16

The shower passed fast. The tea pluckers went back to the tea garden again. Zhejiang people is the most diligent one in China.

Organic Long Jing 17

There is also a well in the coner of the tea garden. It has no name. But the spring water from this well is quite sweet. So is the tea from this tea garden.

Organic Long Jing 18

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