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Organic Magnolia Oolong


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Harvest Date : December, 2023

Growing Region : Fujian

Elevation : 1000m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Jin Xuan oolong

Grade :

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Organic Magnolia Oolong 1

The organic magnolia oolong is made by organic high mountain oolong (Jin Xuan tea cultivar) scented by pure magnolia flower of Guangxi. The tea has very nice sweet and floral fragrance featured by this subtropical flower, which is very good match of the pure clean taste of high mountain oolong.
There is no any artificial flavoring in this tea, although very fragrant.
It is a tea much loved by tea drinkers, healthy and tasty.

Organic Magnolia Oolong 2

The magnolia oolong adopts fresh magnolia flower for scenting. The scenting lasts around two weeks. Unlike jasmine flower, the magnolia flower can be with the tea for long, and when the flower get fermented, the flavor even become better. (The jasmine flower is most fragrant when it is blooming from bud to flower. But after that, most of its flavor would be gone. The dry jasmine flower is not fragrant).

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