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  • Organic Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai)

Organic Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai)


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Harvest Date : April, 2021

Growing Region : Wa Shan, Simao

Elevation : 1650m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Seed Growing Mixed Cultivar (Qun Ti Zhong)

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Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai) is the white tea produced in Yunnan. The reason why it is named as moonlight white is that the upper part of the leaf of this white tea is dark, while the down part of the leaf is very white. It looks like the tea leaf on the tree under the moon. (At night, the moonlight makes the upper leaf look white, while the down part is in darkness).
This our moonlight white tea is made by the material from the organic tea garden in Wa Shan of Simao in South Yunnan. The tea was harvested and processed in April of 2021. The tea tree planted in this tea garden is the seed growing mixed tea cultivar (Qun Ti Zhong) planted in 1960s.
The tea has very fragranct camellia flavor, the taste is mellow sweet and rich in aftertaste. The quality comes from its fine organic material and fine processing in good Yunnan season. (It is dry and sunny in the Spring of South Yunnan, which is ideal for white tea processing).
Moonlight white has rich content of anti-oxidants. In Chinese medicine, it is cold in nature, which can remove body heat, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, protect liver, improve eyesight, help digest and keep body fit.

The tea was harvested in Spring 2021.

Organic Moonlight White 1


The tea garden is organic and was built in 1960s, planted by seed growing mixed cultivar (Qun Ti Zhong)

Organic Moonlight White 2

Organic Moonlight White 3

Organic Moonlight White 4


The Spring of South Yunnan is very sunny and dry.

Organic Moonlight White 5

Organic Moonlight White 6


The tea is hand plucked by local Wa Race farmers

Organic Moonlight White 7

Organic Moonlight White 8

Organic Moonlight White 9

Organic Moonlight White 10

Organic Moonlight White 11


There is a simple resting wooden cottage in the center of the organic tea garden.

Organic Moonlight White 12


This is the fresh tea leaves to process moonlight white.

Organic Moonlight White 13


The tea is put on the bamboo plate for withering.

Organic Moonlight White 14

Organic Moonlight White 15

Organic Moonlight White 16


The tea is withered until when it is finally dry. The dry air in the Spring of Yunnan makes the whole processing of moonlight white tea all naturally.

Organic Moonlight White 17


White tea is a slightly fermented tea. Altough the processing is all withered to final dry. In the beginning stage of the withering, the change in the tea leaves is only loss of water. And there is no reaction of ingredients. However later as the withering goes deeper, there will be reaction of ingredients (fermentation). Because the cell membrane lose its function when a lot of water goes away, which can be considered as a kind of situation of severe drought. Without the protection of cell membrane, the ingredients in the cells will flow outside and results in oxidation. In the final stage when there is few water is left and the tea comes to finally dry, the reaction will stop. The fermetnation of white tea is much slighter than black tea. Because in the processing of black tea, there is violent maceration of tea leaves by rolling machine, which makes nearly all tea cells dismantled in a short time and the ingredients exposed to air for oxidation.

Organic Moonlight White 18


This is very good quality Moonlight White Tea. It has a lot of silver white tips.

Organic Moonlight White 19


In the down part of the tea leaves, it is very hairy.

Organic Moonlight White 20


The brewing of moonlight white tea.

Organic Moonlight White 21

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