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Red Pagoda


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Harvest Date : May 15

Growing Region : Yunnan

Elevation : 1250m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Yunnan Big Leaf Tea

Grade :

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Red Pagoda is a crafted Black Tea. It looks shiny and beautiful! It is made by the golden needle black tea from Menghai, Yunnan. The golden needles are assembled by hand into to ‘red pagoda’ shape.

It gives honey sweet flavor, and mellow smooth taste. One piece is just suitable to make one serve of tea.

It is conformed to EU-regualtion.

Red Pagoda Black Tea

How to judge the quality of Red Pogada Black Tea?

Generally the quality assessment of Red Pagoda is not difficult. The good quality of it gives fresh honey flavor, no smokiness or stale flavor. And the crop made in early Spring has bright golden yellow color formed by golden hair. The later crop has less golden hair, thus the color is more black. 

Red Pagoda Quality Assessment

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