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The Roasting of Chinese Tea

Chinese had been good at two skills in the history, Frying of vegetable and Roasting (Baking) of tea.

Before the birth of electricity, all the Chinese teas were either Fried or Roasted to dry.

Actually the traditional way of roasting tea is an advanced skill to master. And it produces very good quality of tea by this way of baking.

Now most of the Chinese oolong teas eg. Da Hong Pao and Feng Huang Dan Cong are still adopting traditioanl roasting to process the tea. It greatly helps to make the excellent quality of these teas.

The Roasting of Chinese Tea 1

The traditional roasting need charcoal as heating source.

The charcoal are burnt in the baking room.

The Roasting of Chinese Tea 2

Let the charcoal burn till the fire stop, and then add ash on the charcoal

The Roasting of Chinese Tea 3

Make sure No any smoke produced by the charcoal and the tempreture is moderate. Then the tea can be sent for roasting.

The Roasting of Chinese Tea 4

The tea is put on a bamboo basket during the baking. And it needs frequently check and stir the tea to make sure the roasting is even.

Generally the roasting of Da Hong Pao and Feng Huang Dan Cong will repeat a few times. After one time of roasting, the tea will be put aside and cool down for a few days. Later another round of roasting will start. The baking period of Da Hong Pao and Feng Huang Dan Cong takes around tow months.

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