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Harvest Date : Nov.30/2022

Growing Region : Ming Feng Shan, Lincang Region

Elevation : 2100m

Tea Bush/Varietal : Yunnan Big Leaf Tea/Ancient Tree

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This is the tea flower plucked from the Ming Feng Shan old tree tea garden in Southwest Yunnan.  The altitude of the tea garden is 2100m. The tea trees age hundreds of years. Tea flower blooms in Winter in China. It has pure white color and fascinating fragrance. 

The farmers pluck the tea flowers and dry it naturally under the Sun. The dry tea flower has very fascinating sweet floral fragrance of Camellia plants and the taste is mellow!  (The tea flower made by old big tea tree resource is much better in quality than those from common garden tea). In winter, when tea flower blooms, a lot of bees are always attracted by its sweet flavor. There is a kind of honey, cha hua mi from the source a tea flower.

The tea flower can be added to the tea to improve tea flavor, or added to food. And it can also be brewed and drank alone. It has the health benefits of cooling down body heat, stop bleeding (Hemoptysis, Nosebleed, Gastrointestinal blood and Uterine bleeding), and cure burn and scald.


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