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The Baking Tea 烤茶 of Chinese Bai and Yi Races

烤茶 Baking Tea is one of the special way of preparation of tea among Chinese Bai and Yi races, residented in Yunnan Provicne. And this is one of the manners those people treat their friends and guests.

They burn the wooden charcoal in the center of the room and seated around the fire. A clay jar is heated up in the fire. When the temperature of the clay jar rise to very high, the host will add in 晒青毛茶, raw pu-eh tea. He will then shake the tea in the jar. When the color of the tea leaves turn to light yellow and the pleasant tea flavor give off, hot water will be added in. There will be a big sharp sound at his time. The water and tea rise up to the edge of the jar. Immediately the room is filled with strong charming tea flavor and people feel refresh.

Baking Tea

The tea will be served to the guests. They drink tea and meanwhile talk and communicate happily. The tea has strong aroma, and gives sweet mellow aftertaste.

Baking Tea

The tea will be brewed for three times. And in many cases, chesnut, red sugar, honey and Chinese pepper will be added in the tea started from the second time brewing.

Baking Tea

To prepare a good Baking Tea is an important skills and manners to the Bai an Yi race people. it shows the cleverness and accomplishment of the tea server. Especially when the young boys and girls are making friends, this is an important reference to be considered. 

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