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The Golden Flower of Fuzhuan Cha

The Golden Flower (Jin Hua in Chinese) is a kind of characteristic fungi, Eurotium cristatum which grows in the Fuzhuan Cha. 

The golden flower is one very important reference of the quality of Fuzhuan Cha. The more golden flowers means the better quality of the it.  This Eurotium cristatum grows in the Fuzhuan Cha gives the tea a pleasant fungi flavor. And it also changes the texture of the tea itself during the growing. The taste of tea become mild and mellow, and less caffeine. 

The most important role of Golden Flower in the Fuzhuan Cha is that is has great health benefits. It can nourish stomach, help digest, dissolve fat, anti-hypertension and lower blood sugar. Due to the miracle health benefits,  the Fuzhuan Cha is the inalienable daily necessity of the Chinese Northwest minority race, especially the Uygur who live in the desert where lacks vegetal resource and the food is mainly composed by bread and meat. 

The Fuzhuan cha with golden flower is very healthy tea! 

The Golden Flower of Fuzhuan Cha 1

The Golden Flower of Fuzhuan Cha 2

Golden Flower 8


The Golden Flower of Fuzhuan Cha 3

The Golden Flower of Fuzhuan Cha 4

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