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Things You Should Know About Phoenix Mi Lan Xiang Tea

Phoenix Dan Cong Mi Lan Xiang Tea is one of the favorite Chinese teas among many tea lovers. This tea is famous for its charming honey and natural orchid flower fragrance. Once you happen to sip a cup of Xiang Tea, there will be no going back. As you will sip the tea, you can inhale the floral fragrance and feel the taste of honey.

There are a lot of health benefits associated with Xiang tea. It helps in digestion, keeps your body fit, and provides antioxidants that prevent aging. It lowers blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also protect teeth and eliminate mouth odour. This healthy drink is good in taste that you will easily start to be addicted to it!

Mi Lan Xiang Tea

China’s Phoenix Town is the major producer – Located on the Eastern boundary of Guangdong province of China, Phoenix is the town where the world famous oolongs are produced. The Phoenix oolongs have derived its name from the Wudong Mountain. This is the same place in Chaozhou where they are grown. The perfect blend of volcanic soil and drastic temperature changes throughout the day results in Mi Lan Xiang Tea that is unique to taste.

It is also known as strip style oolong – When you think of oolong teas, you create the picture of tightly rolled balls of Tie Guan Yin tea. However, Mi Lan Xiang Tea has long twisty leaves. This shape is achieved when the cell walls of the leaves are broken down. Previously, it was done manually, but nowadays, it is done by machines. The traditional methods used in processing this tea are medium oxidization and charcoal roasting.

To taste best, short hot steeps are recommended – When it comes to brewing Phoenix Xiang tea, it is a bit temperamental. If you want to get the full flavor, a lot of hot water is required, but it can also lead to bitterness. Measure 5-10 tea leaves and 6-8oz of water. Boil or heat the water at 208 degrees. Infuse it for 30 seconds. If the leaves are broken, they will taste bitter, therefore cut the infusing time a bit.

The Mi Lang Xiang Tea has a fascinating honey orchid flavor when it is brewed. The taste is clean mellow brisk and has the full-bodied sweet aftertaste. So now when you know so much about this tea, when are you planning to taste it? Do share your experience!

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