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Tian Jian 天尖 Dark Tea

Tian Jian 天尖 is the top grade of Hunan Dark Tea. It is produced in Anhua County in Central West Hunan. The Anhua Couty has a long history of Dark Tea producing. And Tian Jian Dark Tea was selected to tribute to the emperors.

Anhua Tian Jian

Anhua County is located in the Wuling Mountains where is the place producing Chinese high quality teas. The Wuling Mountain has dense forstry covering, rich water resource and soil with rich minerals to grow tea. The material to produce Tian Jian is plcuked in the Guyu 谷雨 Festival , which is half a month later than Qing Ming 清明, when tea leaves are grown but not too old.

Anhua Tian Jian

The processing of Tian Jian is conducted at the same time to produce Hei Mao Cha (Dark Tea Raw Material). It follows the flow, Plucking-Killing (Frying)-Rolling-Piling-Re-rolling-Drying.

The Kiling is conducted to kill the enzymes in the tea leaves. Rolling squeezed out the the tea juice from the tea leaves. And Piling is the most critical processing of Tian Jian and Hei Mao Cha. The piling lasts around 12-24 hours and it change the texture of the tea leaves by hydrothermal effect, and also the micro-organisms grow in the piling. (The piling of Dark Tea is not oxidation as many people think it is like that of Black Tea. Because the enzymes in the tea leaves had been killed before piling.)

Anhua Tian Jian

After piling, the tea leaves will be sent for rollong once again. This step further shapes the tea body. Then the tea will be baked dry finally. In tradition, the tea is dried by 七星灶 Seven Star Stove. And heated up by burning of pine wood. So the tea achieve pine smoke flavor by the traditioanl processing. In the modern processing, the tea is dried by baking oven heated by electricity. By this method, there is no pine smoke flavor in the tea.

Anhua Dark Tea

Usually after Hei Mao Cha is produced, it will be stocked in the warehouse for one year to transform vintage.  And Tian Jian is sorted out from the Hei Mao Cha. The tender tea shoot with tips is slected out to be Tian Jian.

Anhua Tian Jian

Hei Mao Cha and Stock in warehouse

After the material of Tian Jian is sorted out, it will be packed tightly in the bamboo basket. The natural packing of bambll basket can help the tea contact to air, while it can prevent the other smell go inside the tea. There is post fermention during the keep in the bamboo basket, which make the tea more and more fragrant and tasty as keeping goes on.

Anhua Tain Jian

Tian Jian Dark Tea

The regular packing weight of Tian Jiang in the bamboo basket is one kilo. It is not so bulky as  most of other dark tea packings, and it is easy and convennient to consume.

Tian Jian Dark Tea

The Tian Jian has mellow smooth taste and the flavor is mature sweet fragrance. (Traditioanl processing with baking dry on 七星灶 will have the pine smoke flavor). It lasts a lot of infusions-can be brewed more than 15 times by Gaiwan.  It can also be prepared by cooking in big tea pot as the way of Chinese Tibetans and Mongols.

Tian Jian Dark Tea

The healthy benefits of Tian Jian Dark Tea,

Weight control, to drink Tian Jian Tea two times a day can prevent the fat in the belly very obviouly. The control of weight make people feel easy anf fast in action. 

Help digest and nourish stomach, the Tian Jian Dark Tea is tea of post fermantation, it helps digest very well and meanwhile alleviate the function of stomach.

Regualte the metabolism of body sugar, Tain Jian is made bu grown tea leaves and it contains rich Polysaccharide, which help lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes. 

Anti-inflammation and prevent teeth decay, the polyphenols in the tea can kill bacteria. 

Anti-aging, the polyphenols and EGCG in the Tian Jian tea can kill the Free radical in the tea body.

Prevent Cardiovascular disease, the tea can lower the Cholesterol content in the blood, thus prevent cardiovascular disease.


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