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What Does Jasmine Pearls Green Tea Exactly Taste Like

A chocolate ice cream tastes finger licking only when good cacao beans are used in it. If you have ever tasted real cacao beans you will know that they aren’t tasty as they are dark. It is the lot of fermentation and other processes that gives them the sweet taste.

Jasmine Pearls Green Tea

Same is the case with jasmine pearls green tea – a luxuriant and soul satisfying tea. This high grade tea derived from the Fujian region of China is rich in minerals and low in nitrogen content. After plucking and further processing they are rolled into a pearl shape. The green pearl is then blended with fresh jasmine of the end of summer and beginning of autumn. The green pearl absorbs the fragrance. It is scented with jasmine five times to give the tea enthusiasts that natural flavor of tea together with jasmine.

Color of this tea – When dry, the leaves of the jasmine pearl green tea are yellowish in color and when brewed the color changes to orange with a soothing aroma all flowing around. There are available wide range of these scented teas namely Jasmine Pearls, Silver Needle white, Jade oolong, and Jasmine green.

Health Benefits of This Tea – Jasmine pearls is the powerhouse of antioxidants. They are said to keep your skin healthy and charming. It also helps in the digestion process. The tightly rolled silver pearls and orange colored flower petals when brewed in the boiling water, you get to inhale fresh aroma of the blossoming green tea.

Ideally, this jasmine green tea appeals to everyone who is fond of sweet and mellow flavors. This green tea is for those who don’t like green tea but at the same time want to taste it. The tea lacks bitterness and blandness, so you can try it!

How The Tea Tastes Like – It tastes sublime! When brewed in boiling water, the resultant tea looks like tiny marbles with intertwining streaks of Jade green and pearl white.

The scent of the tea is nothing but fresh jasmine flowers. The taste of this green tea is mellow with the natural floral scent of flowers with a touch of honey glaze. These all factors together make it one of the most popular aromatic green teas in China.

If you think that jasmine pearls green tea does not taste good, think twice. You really need to experience this tea. You’ll be in love with it. The natural flavors make it quite delectable. You’ll probably end up adding it to your diet chart.

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